5 Tips for Growing Your Dental Practice with Social Media

There’s no question that a strong social media presence can help bring new patients into your dental practice, and strengthen your connection with existing ones. The challenge? For a lot of doctors, it’s knowing how and where to start. With social media trends and practices constantly changing, the idea of managing your social presence—or building [...]

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10 Tips for (Practically) Stress-free Operatory Planning.

This is it. The moment you’ve dreamed about… opening your own practice! Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an existing office, it’s important to have clear objectives from the start. Consider what you want to achieve: from workflow layout and efficiency to materials, colors and equipment. The clearer your objectives up front, the [...]

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A Diamond in the Rough

As a chemical engineering student at Ohio State University, Dr. Richard Keefe was leaning toward medical school. While working his job at a local gym, an astute customer suggested that dental school might be a better fit. Once Dr. Keefe realized that dentistry is engineering in the oral cavity and each case is a little [...]

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The Power of Color

What’s the style of your dental office? Are the furnishings classic, transitional or modern? Does the layout support efficient traffic flow? So many design elements affect the feeling of an environment, from layout and aesthetics to decorating style. But without a doubt, one of the biggest components is color. Color is a powerful design [...]

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Practice Planning: Five Common Oversights

Designing or remodeling your dental office takes a lot of up-front planning—and there’s certainly no shortage of advice to follow. But just as important are those things you may not think about. Here are five dental office design considerations to add to your list: 1. Plan for adequate sterilization. The sterilization center is literally [...]

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Dental Practice Management: Five Things You’ll Want to Know for a Healthy Financial Year

Trent Watrous, CPA, CFE, CVA and renowned speaker, specializes in the dental industry. In a recent conversation, he shared his top five tips to set dental practices on the road to a healthy financial year. If you don’t know the answer to any of these tips, your CPA can partner with you to analyze [...]

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