The Power of Color

What’s the style of your dental office? Are the furnishings classic, transitional or modern? Does the layout support efficient traffic flow? So many design elements affect the feeling of an environment, from layout and aesthetics to decorating style. But without a doubt, one of the biggest components is color. Color is a powerful design [...]

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Picture yourself in a beautiful new space.

When you’re working in the same space day after day, it’s easy to stop “seeing” how your practice comes across to your patients. So take a moment to look around with fresh eyes. Does your practice accurately reflect your personality, your professionalism, and your commitment to a pleasant patient experience?Is it up to date and [...]

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Need more space? Think smart.

A dentist discovers how to create more space without moving walls. When Dr. Bradley Handick, DDS, purchased his 30-year-old practice in 1998, not much had changed since it was first built. After 13 years of running a successful practice in this cramped and dated environment, he decided it was time for an update. Dr. [...]

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