The Dynamic Duo of Efficiency.

Sometimes you don’t realize you need something better, until something better comes along. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the newest innovations in dental handpiece maintenance and sterilization: the Assistina Twin and Lexa by W&H. We call them the Dynamic Duo of Efficiency. You’ll call them indispensable. Handpiece Maintenance in 10 Seconds. [...]

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Dentists Talk about the New A-dec 500

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear equipment and handpiece evaluations straight from your colleagues. In this case, two doctors share their thoughts about the new A-dec 500 chair and delivery system, and Advanced Air handpiece. Listen to the Dental Talk podcast, hosted by Dr. Phil Klein, on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or the Viva Learning™ website. [...]

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How’s Your Pitch Count, Doctor?

Major League Baseball teams carry eleven or twelve pitchers on their roster and divide them into distinct roles: the starting rotation, the middle-relief and the late-innings relievers. They are rotated based on pitch counts… and we all know what happens if pitchers don’t have proper rest and rehabilitation. So what does baseball have to do [...]

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