How to bring connected dentistry into your operatory

Connected products are virtually everywhere you look: from fitness trackers to digital doorbells to smart refrigerators. And while most of us don’t use the official, technical term “Internet of Things” (IoT) to describe them, we understand the benefits of choosing a smart product. Surprisingly, while IoT has been utilized in other industries for years, it’s [...]

Why the best employee perk might be your dental equipment

Dentistry hasn't been immune to the Great Resignation of employees that accelerated in 2021, and industry thought leaders predict that dental staffing shortages will continue to be a challenge. Because having the right people is one of the most important assets of your dental practice, avoiding turnover is critical—and recruiting top-level associate doctors, dental assistants, [...]

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The Secret Weapon for Fighting Aerosols

A year into the coronavirus pandemic, dental professionals understand the critical importance of aerosol control in the operatory. What many don't think about is the role that the mechanical room plays in the process. Specifically, the dental vacuum. Effective aerosol control requires a dental vacuum system with an optimal design for capturing aerosols at [...]

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When was the Last Time You Replaced Your Water Bottle?

Water bottles are an integral part of the delivery system. It’s also a piece of equipment that’s susceptible to breaking down. Like other plastics, water bottles deteriorate over time due to factors such as heat, UV light, and chemicals. Daily exposure to these harsh conditions affects both the bottle’s integrity and lifespan, leading to [...]

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The Anxiety Antidote

It’s not a pill. It’s not a best-selling book. It’s not a secluded wellness retreat in St. Lucia. The antidote to anxiety is peace of mind. That intangible feeling of safety, protection and reliability. Like the air, you don’t see it, but with every inhale and exhale, you breathe it. It’s the absence of [...]

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Dentists Talk about the New A-dec 500

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear equipment and handpiece evaluations straight from your colleagues. In this case, two doctors share their thoughts about the new A-dec 500 chair and delivery system, and Advanced Air handpiece. Listen to the Dental Talk podcast, hosted by Dr. Phil Klein, on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or the Viva Learning™ website. [...]

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Make an Investment in Your Reputation

For Dr. Paige Volentine of Ruston, Louisiana, the motivation to update her practice was simple. “I wanted to work in an environment that represents my skills as a clinician,” she says. The reality is that today’s patients look at your office through a more sophisticated lens. Perception is everything. Your physical space is seen [...]

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