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Kathy Rotramel, senior writer, has decades of writing experience with a strong focus on creating compelling content that resonates with readers. Rotramel has written many articles for the dental industry on topics including ergonomics, practice planning, efficiency, and dental office design.

What to Look for When Buying Dental Cabinets

Freestanding cabinetry offers both design and financial benefits. Dental cabinets manufactured by dental equipment companies are engineered and designed specifically to meet the many requirements of a dental environment. You can be assured of the appearance and quality of your dental furniture, as you get to see, touch, and choose from various configurations. With custom [...]

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What’s Eating Into Your Profits?

Analyzing the financial health of your dental practice is a good time to look beyond the obvious at the hidden costs that impact your profit margin. Here are some considerations that may be under the radar. Ongoing Maintenance When your dental equipment isn't working efficiently, neither is your team. Unreliable equipment that's constantly breaking [...]

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Picture yourself in a beautiful new space.

When you’re working in the same space day after day, it’s easy to stop “seeing” how your practice comes across to your patients. So take a moment to look around with fresh eyes. Does your practice accurately reflect your personality, your professionalism, and your commitment to a pleasant patient experience?Is it up to date and [...]

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How’s Your Pitch Count, Doctor?

Major League Baseball teams carry eleven or twelve pitchers on their roster and divide them into distinct roles: the starting rotation, the middle-relief and the late-innings relievers. They are rotated based on pitch counts… and we all know what happens if pitchers don’t have proper rest and rehabilitation. So what does baseball have to do [...]

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Need more space? Think smart.

A dentist discovers how to create more space without moving walls. When Dr. Bradley Handick, DDS, purchased his 30-year-old practice in 1998, not much had changed since it was first built. After 13 years of running a successful practice in this cramped and dated environment, he decided it was time for an update. Dr. [...]

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