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Kathy Rotramel, senior writer, has decades of writing experience with a strong focus on creating compelling content that resonates with readers. Rotramel has written many articles for the dental industry on topics including ergonomics, practice planning, efficiency, and dental office design.

A Diamond in the Rough

As a chemical engineering student at Ohio State University, Dr. Richard Keefe was leaning toward medical school. While working his job at a local gym, an astute customer suggested that dental school might be a better fit. Once Dr. Keefe realized that dentistry is engineering in the oral cavity and each case is a little [...]

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New Look. New Feel. New Syringe.

For a dental tool that’s used every day, the syringe doesn’t get a lot of attention. After all, how could it possibly be improved? A-dec engineers asked themselves that question, and our newly redesigned syringe is the result. It feels lighter, performs better and has a more streamlined look. You’ll notice a difference the [...]

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Not All Dental Cabinets Are Created Equal

If you’ve been practicing for any length of time, you know the dental cabinets you choose for your operatories can have a profound impact on the health, productivity and profitability of your entire dental team. Specialized cabinets engineered by experts and designed specifically for the dental operatory environment not only performs better, it lasts [...]

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Make an Investment in Your Reputation

For Dr. Paige Volentine of Ruston, Louisiana, the motivation to update her practice was simple. “I wanted to work in an environment that represents my skills as a clinician,” she says. The reality is that today’s patients look at your office through a more sophisticated lens. Perception is everything. Your physical space is seen [...]

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What to Look for When Buying a Dental Light

Your ability to see—and perform—depends greatly on your dental light. While a general dental operatory light should satisfy normal visual requirements, some procedures require greater visual clarity and illumination. Three properties are essential for providing good dental lighting in the oral cavity: Dental light continuity – A “clean” and uniform light pattern, free of [...]

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The Power of Color

What’s the style of your dental office? Are the furnishings classic, transitional or modern? Does the layout support efficient traffic flow? So many design elements affect the feeling of an environment, from layout and aesthetics to decorating style. But without a doubt, one of the biggest components is color. Color is a powerful design [...]

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Can a Sterilization Center Save Your Staff Time?

Sterilization is a vital, but time-consuming, part of the daily routine in a dental office. So naturally, a centrally located sterilization center that maximizes flow, efficiency and materials turnover is key. But let’s take that a step further. The sterilization center should reflect a process-based design system. One that follows a streamlined process to [...]

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