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Kathy Rotramel, senior writer, has decades of writing experience with a strong focus on creating compelling content that resonates with readers. Rotramel has written many articles for the dental industry on topics including ergonomics, practice planning, efficiency, and dental office design.

The Anxiety Antidote

It’s not a pill. It’s not a best-selling book. It’s not a secluded wellness retreat in St. Lucia. The antidote to anxiety is peace of mind. That intangible feeling of safety, protection and reliability. Like the air, you don’t see it, but with every inhale and exhale, you breathe it. It’s the absence of [...]

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Dentists Talk about the New A-dec 500

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear equipment and handpiece evaluations straight from your colleagues. In this case, two doctors share their thoughts about the new A-dec 500 chair and delivery system, and Advanced Air handpiece. Listen to the Dental Talk podcast, hosted by Dr. Phil Klein, on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or the Viva Learning™ website. [...]

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10 Tips for (Practically) Stress-free Operatory Planning.

This is it. The moment you’ve dreamed about… opening your own practice! Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an existing office, it’s important to have clear objectives from the start. Consider what you want to achieve: from workflow layout and efficiency to materials, colors and equipment. The clearer your objectives up front, the [...]

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A Diamond in the Rough

As a chemical engineering student at Ohio State University, Dr. Richard Keefe was leaning toward medical school. While working his job at a local gym, an astute customer suggested that dental school might be a better fit. Once Dr. Keefe realized that dentistry is engineering in the oral cavity and each case is a little [...]

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New Look. New Feel. New Syringe.

For a dental tool that’s used every day, the syringe doesn’t get a lot of attention. After all, how could it possibly be improved? A-dec engineers asked themselves that question, and our newly redesigned syringe is the result. It feels lighter, performs better and has a more streamlined look. You’ll notice a difference the [...]

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