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Karen Kemp brings a fresh perspective to a wide range of topics related to the dental industry—including clinical products, practice efficiency, dental education, and patient care. With decades of writing experience, her focus is on creating content that is beneficial to dental professionals in both group and private practices.

Aerosol Management Solutions for Protecting Dental Staff and Patients

The highly contagious delta variant is now the predominant strain of Covid-19 in the United States. If that's elevated your concerns about protecting dental staff and patients from aerosol-spread viruses, you're not alone. In response, A-dec recently released a white paper examining aerosol management during dental procedures. This paper reviews evidence-based information about the generation [...]

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The Secret Weapon for Fighting Aerosols

A year into the coronavirus pandemic, dental professionals understand the critical importance of aerosol control in the operatory. What many don't think about is the role that the mechanical room plays in the process. Specifically, the dental vacuum. Effective aerosol control requires a dental vacuum system with an optimal design for capturing aerosols at [...]

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The Silver Lining of 2020

We made it. While it’s not quite over, together we’ve endured an unimaginable year. One that challenged us as individuals, as part of the dental community, and as citizens of a world turned upside down. A-dec is grateful for you, our dentists, for the patients you serve, and for the dedicated healthcare workers and governments [...]

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Does your practice design reflect your passion?

Women are literally changing the face of dentistry, comprising 33.4% of all practicing dentists in the United States*. With that number steadily growing every year, A-dec created a course especially for female doctors interested in designing their own dental practices. Is that you? Then plan to join us on Friday, December 11, for Women In [...]

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