Is Your Dental Practice Fully Protected? Here’s How to Find Out.

It’s a question you’re probably asking yourself every day. And you’re not alone. With the risk of COVID-19 still a serious ongoing threat, doctors everywhere are wondering: “Am I doing enough to protect my practice?” Now there’s a way to know. A new tool on the A-dec website will help you answer that question with confidence.

The Protect & Prevent scorecard takes just a few minutes to complete, with a series of ten questions about your current practices and protocols. As you go through the assessment, you’ll get a clearer sense about areas where you can improve or expand on your infection control efforts—from patient protection to aerosol capture to a more consistent sterilization process.

Each question on the scorecard has a section you can reference for additional information and expert recommendations from the CDC. Once you’ve answered all ten questions, you’ll get a final score that lets you know where your practice stands on a scale of 1-100.

With that number in hand, we encourage you to talk to your A-dec Territory Manager about proactive steps you can take to strengthen the overall safety of your practice. All A-dec Territory Managers have earned the OSAP-DALE Foundation Dental Infection Prevention and Control Certificate. Drawing on current, evidence-based knowledge directly tied to the dental industry, they’re a trustworthy resource for recommendations on dental infection prevention and control.

Practicing dentistry in this new environment can be filled with uncertainty; but clear information is the antidote to worry. Take the first step with the A-dec Protect & Prevent scorecard, then reach out with any questions or concerns. We’re here to work with you in safeguarding your people, your practice, and your patients.

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