The Dynamic Duo of Efficiency.

Sometimes you don’t realize you need something better, until something better comes along. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the newest innovations in dental handpiece maintenance and sterilization: the Assistina Twin and Lexa by W&H. We call them the Dynamic Duo of Efficiency. You’ll call them indispensable.

Handpiece Maintenance in 10 Seconds. Introducing the Assistina Twin.

Say hello to a fast, efficient system for dental handpiece maintenance. The Assistina Twin lubricates, cleans and purges dental handpieces in just 10 seconds. Its secret superpower? A unique dual-chamber design that reduces frustrating wait times.

Because each of the twin chambers operates independently, you can access and load one chamber while the other is processing. That means virtually nonstop loading, with the capability to process up to 360 handpieces an hour.

An active suction system with HEPA filter helps prevent emissions and odors. And just one consumable care kit maintains 2,850 instruments (versus 20 manual spray cans). Fast. Efficient. Cost effective. See why we say the Assistina Twin is an accelerated approach to handpiece maintenance?

Large Capacity with Amazing Efficiency. Meet the Lexa Sterilizer.

Say goodbye to the days of soggy pouches and cassettes. Forget about the hassles of switching out racks. Lexa Sterilizer uses patented, steam-condensing vacuum technology to deliver bone-dry loads, every time. And with impressive efficiency.

The unique universal rack lets you load cassettes in the 11-inch-diameter chamber vertically or horizontally. You can even mix cassettes and trays on the same rack, with no need for additional racks. Choose from six FDA-cleared cycles to sterilize and dry up to 18 pounds of dental instruments in as little as 30 minutes!

Lexa’s single-use water system means water is never reused. And the closed-door drying cycle follows CDC best practices for dental instrument sterilization. It’s safe, sterile and smart.

Creative, Reliable Solutions. Always.

From the start, the A-dec vision has been to improve dentistry, and make dentists’ lives better. We’re committed to offering you new solutions—like the Assistina Twin Dental Handpiece Maintenance Unit and the Lexa Sterilizer. Want to learn more about bringing this dynamic duo to your practice? Talk to your A-dec dealer* today.

*available through A-dec in US/CA

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