The Anxiety Antidote

It’s not a pill. It’s not a best-selling book. It’s not a secluded wellness retreat in St. Lucia. The antidote to anxiety is peace of mind. That intangible feeling of safety, protection and reliability. Like the air, you don’t see it, but with every inhale and exhale, you breathe it. It’s the absence of anxiety and stress. And when you have it, you feel it.

Now, think back to one of “those days.” We’ve all had them. You’re heading out the door, lunch and keys in hand. You walked the dog. Your schedule is set. You jump in your car, turn the key and… nothing. That sound… it’s definitely not an “I left my headlights on” kind of sound. It’s foreboding. Is it a broken belt? Something worse?

You’ve probably had days like this at your practice, too. With ten appointments and a set schedule, you walk in to your first, an anxious patient. Ready to begin the day and reassure your patient you discover… the operatory is down. As a primary caregiver, staff manager and business owner, you face countless stressors and anxiety-laden situations like these. The last thing you need is broken-down equipment. So what if your morning started out differently? What if you made it to the office without tripping over the dog and spilling your coffee? Your car worked, your equipment worked, and the day moved along productively and as scheduled.

What if you had peace of mind?

With a focus on creating a superior doctor and patient experience, A-dec’s new 500 dental chair and delivery system offers the legendary reliability and longevity dental teams expect, with the access, integration, control and comfort you need to perform and feel your best. It’s familiar, yet refined. Premium, yet predictable. The entire system is designed to function holistically and intuitively. It quietly slips into the background, reacting to your every move without pause. The simplicity becomes second nature, allowing you to practice your craft with skill and professionalism in front of your patients. You can activate and deactivate features without giving it a second thought—and without looking away.

The critical intangible promise.

With effortless adjustments in mind, A-dec built in extra safeguards and responsiveness into the new system, such as LED coolant indicator lights that allow you to make adjustments without second guessing. Visual, iconic displays on the screen that automatically activate when an instrument is picked up. And a new air-driven, high-speed handpiece option called Advanced Air® with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate—even with increasing pressure. (Think cruise control!) You can integrate all of your favorite instruments, and move the delivery system with one hand. With Positive Positioning, you can smoothly and precisely situate it where you want and count on it to stay.

Worry-free confidence is intrinsically built into the new A-dec 500 dental chair and delivery system. You have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on your dental equipment to work without fail, patient after patient, day after day. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a promise.

How Zen is that?

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