LED Dental Lights: Colors as Nature Intended

Correct lighting in any dental operatory is extremely important. Being able to properly see into the oral cavity is vital for you to correctly assess, diagnose, and carry out dental procedures.

Reduce Eyestrain and Fatigue

The benefits of a high-quality dental light cannot be overstated. Install the right lighting and you will reduce eyestrain and fatigue, which can lead to reoccurring headaches and work-related stress.

A simple switch from a halogen dental light to an LED dental light that mimics daylight can make the world of difference. You could feel less tired, less stressed and more focused.

In recent years, LED technology has been rapidly replacing traditional halogen bulbs across a broad range of industries and applications. The growing popularity for LED technology is attributed to its many advantages including high light quality, low radiant heat, longer life, compact size, and reduced power consumption.

One of the features A-dec focused on most when developing their award-winning A-dec 500 LED dental light was to reduce shadowing as much as possible. The innovative distribution of light creates a uniform light pattern with a “stadium” effect. This minimizes any harsh shadows and instead provides a feathered-edge light pattern that reduces eye fatigue.

Ergonomic and Accurate

An ergonomic and accurate lighting solution, the A-dec 500 LED dental light floods the oral cavity with an illumination intensity of up to 30,000 lux. This is considered to be an optimum brightness level for dentistry applications, as brighter light can cause further eye discomfort and fatigue. Look for the highest-quality lighting for your operatory and you will not only avoid these problems but also facilitate consistent, accurate diagnoses.

The A-dec 500 LED dental light replicates natural sunlight, giving you a perfectly balanced and clean white light. Economically smart and efficient, it consumes 80-90% less power and is more than 20% brighter than most halogen lights. Plus, you’ll never need to change a bulb.

A-dec designs and tests their dental lights for a minimum 20-year life, because we would never want to leave you in the dark.

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