New Look. New Feel. New Syringe.

For a dental tool that’s used every day, the syringe doesn’t get a lot of attention. After all, how could it possibly be improved?

A-dec engineers asked themselves that question, and our newly redesigned syringe is the result. It feels lighter, performs better and has a more streamlined look.

A-dec syringe dental tool You’ll notice a difference the first time you pick it up. The design is 40-percent lighter for a more balanced feel in your hand. Both the head and handle have a matte finish for a clean, consistent look. And because a matte finish shows fewer nicks than a polished finish, the syringe will look better, longer.

The tubing is also new, made with a lighter, more flexible PVC similar to silicone. It moves freely and smoothly, so it won’t feel as if you’re ‘fighting’ with the tubing when you use the syringe. We’ve even improved the chemical resistance to reduce stiffening and discoloring.

Like all A-dec dental equipment, the new syringe is fully manufactured on site at our Newberg headquarters. From machining the solid, lead-free brass to extruding the highly flexible tubing, we control every part of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

All this may seem like a lot of fuss for a simple dental tool, but that attention to quality is the A-dec way. Our products are continually refined, simplified and improved so you can keep your focus where it belongs—on your patient, not on your equipment.

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